All Ireland Poc Fada

Poc Fada is Irish for "long puck". An All-Ireland Poc Fada Championship is held annually testing the skills of many of the top hurlers.

Competitors must puck a sliotar with a hurley (they may lift and strike or hit the ball from the hand), and takes place in the Annaverna Mountain, Ravensdale, Cooley, County Louth. They play to the top of Carn an Mhadaidh and after a short break continue back down to finish in Aghameen. The whole course measures over 5 Km.

An Corn Cuailgne ("The Cooley Cup") is awarded to the player who takes the lowest number of pucks. Ties are broken by the distance by which the player's last puck crosses the finish line.
There is also the comórtas beirte (pairs competition) in which the competitors are randomly assigned partners, the pair with the lowest combined score winning An Corn Setanta ("The Setanta Cup") and the Corn na Craoibhe Rua ("The Trophy of the Red Mountain").

The tournament was founded in 1960 by Fr. Pól Mac Sheáin and the Naomh Moninne club based in Fatima, Dundalk, Louth, with the first All Ireland event taking place in 1961 Limerick man Vincent Godfrey the first winner, out of 16 hurlers invited. The competition went off the calendar after 1969 before returning in 1981 with 12 competitors. The concept of the competition originates in the Irish legend of “Táin Bó Cuailgne” when Cúchulainn, who as the boy Setanta set out from his home to the King's court at Emain Macha hitting his sliotar before him and running ahead to catch it.