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posted 14 Jun 2013, 08:14 by Unknown user

The Leinster Poc Fada competition will be an “on the road event” held at St.Mullins Co. Carlow, on 11th July 2013 starting at 6.30pm. The course will be approximately 5Km in length. Representatives from the twelve Leinster Counties are invited to participate.  Counties are requested to send one representative at adult Level and one representative at U-16 level.

The winner of the adult section will receive the Leinster Poc Fada Cup (perpetual) and a Poc Fada trophy.  In addition he will be invited on the “TodayFm Topflight Ski Trip 2014”, where they will take part in their annual Poc Fada Competition on the ski slope.

The adult Leinster final winner and runner-up and the U-16 winner will be invited to participate on the Cooley Mountains in the All- Ireland Poc Fada competition which is run on Sat 3rd August.

Course outline

Total Length – 5KM.

Bahana to Glynn – 1.2KM, Glynn to Cross roads – 1-7 KM ,Cross Roads to Finish line – 2.1 Km.

The Rules of the Course.

·         There will be two Counties competing together.

·         Each participant will have an independent umpire /scorekeeper who will adjudicate on shots and record scores. (see scorekeeper’s role below).

·         A marker will move ahead of the striker to mark where the ball finishes each time.

·         Start with a toss of a coin and from then on the player furthest from the finish line strikes first.

o   The striker must follow the line of the road with each shot.

o   The sliotar must stop on the road.  If this does not happen then the next shot is taken on or behind the point at which the sliotar went off the road.

o   Each team is given five sliotars.

o   No longer than three minutes may be allowed to search for a lost ball.

o   The player with the least number of shots pat the finish line is deemed the winner.

The scorekeeper

(a) The scorekeeper shall make an accurate record of The Hurler's score, Poc by Poc. He must record each Poc on the scorecard - immediately as it occurs (however short the Poc may be).  A Poc is deemed to have been taken when the sliotar is struck by The Hurler in the contest irrespective of the direction the sliotar takes.

(b) The scorekeeper shall see to it that The Hurler when taking the Poc does not pass the score-flag before a Poc is taken.

(c) The scorekeeper shall ensure that there are no undue delays caused by his Hurler.  A reasonable time may be spent searching for a lost Sliotar. The scorekeeper may allow other Hurlers in the contest to pass.


(a) The scorekeeper shall request spectators, when necessary, to keep at a distance from the play, and to avoid interference with the hurler’s progress, or with any of the property in use.

(b) The scorekeeper should also inform nearby spectators of safety procedures when pocs are being taken.